Trinidad is named after the beautiful 16th Century city of La Santimsima Trinidad (The Holy Trinity), listed by UNESCO as a historical monument, which is situated on Cuba’s south coast.

Trinidad, as a Habano, dates back to 1969 but for many years, like Cohiba, it was made only for gifts to foreign diplomats. Not until 1998 was it released for general sale and then only in small quantities.

All Trinidad cigars are made at El Laguito, the home of Cohiba, to their own particular recipe of tobaccos selected from Vuelta Abajo region.

All are ‘tripa larga, totalmente a mano’ – long filler, totally hand made.

Flavour: Medium

With lighter flavors like coconut and cashew nuttiness, the Trinidad is a nice treat after a lighter meal. It pairs well with a white wine, or lighter scotch like Dalwhinnie. It develops into a more burnt almond taste that is very pleasing near the end.




Ring gauge: 50 (19.84 mm)

Length: 6 1/8 in

Price: $ 48.27

Ring gauge: 50 (19.84 mm)
Length: 4 7/8 in
Price: $ 37.38

Ring gauge: 44 (17.46 mm)
Length: 5 1/4 in
Price: $ 26.52

Ring gauge: 40 (15.87 mm)
Length: 4 3/8 in
Price: $ 15.45










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